Black Grape Global was born Black Grape Productions in 2001.

An entertainment company structured around the concept of a cluster of grapes with each grape representing a different venture.

Black Grape Global specialises in;

  • Artist Management
  • Brand Consultancy and Management
  • Concert Promotion
  • Television Programming
  • Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Restaurants / Foodie Events

A company that started as a hobby, has now managed to establish itself as a successful boutique entertainment company. 

The business has grown from its initial “university bedroom headquarters” many years ago, to working with an amazing portfolio of partners and brands around the world, hence the name change in 2010 to Black Grape Global.

Thank you for visiting our site and look forward to making history with you!

“By their fruits you will recognise them”

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What we do...

Reggae Love Songs - YolanDa Brown at the Jazz Cafe


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